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  • Archives of my Audio Feminine Intuition Activation Tips  to help you raise your feminine frequency and activate your intuition
  • 15 minute Financial Frequency Upgrade Audio + guided meditation to help you raise your feminine frequency
  • Simple, subtle and transforming MINDSET SHIFTS to help you easily access your feminine inner guidance system and reveal the true voice of your feminine intuition.
  • Tips to help you tune in to your feminine intuition

Conscious buAccess Your Feminine Intuition Marilyn Rodriguez femintuition.comsiness women live in a world that up until now has been dominated by a masculine way of doing things. In an effort to be part of this world, many women have adopted masculine qualities and traits.

The trouble is, what works for men DOES NOT work for women.

Working with only their masculine energy leaves many women in business feeling incredibly stressed: it’s like standing on only one foot, instead of two – not firmly grounded, constantly in danger of being blown over by the next gale. No wonder women in business are feeling so stressed!

If you’re a conscious, spiritually minded woman, it’s even worse, because deep down you KNOW there’s got to be another way…

There IS another way…

You have a secret weapon that sets you apart: your feminine intuition.

Your intuition operates silently in the background, grounding you and empowering you.  On the surface, others will notice a new kind of confidence in you, as you live and talk and work in the tangible, concrete ways that men and the business world understand.

Beneath the surface, only you know that you are operating in an entirely new way: using your feminine intuitive energy that you can tap into anytime to access your inner wisdom and true confidence.

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